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At Hampton's, we are constantly baking  pies, cakes, cinnamon buns, bread, buns, pizza crust, and ice cream sandwiches.

We bake bread fresh every day of the week!  Call to see what is on today's list or pre-order your favourite!  We bake white, brown,  dark rye, and buns.

Our delicious cinnamon buns are baked fresh, right out of the oven on Monday and Thursdays, (and often in between) and always for special orders by 10 am.

Homemade Pies - come check out our pie maker's latest collections.  She loves to do decorative tops on fruit pies!  Buy either by the slice (with ice cream) or by the entire pie (by pre-order).

Have an event that requires baking? Just let us know what, when and how many people and we will take care of the rest!

All of our cookies
(including ice cream sandwiches)
are made in house!
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